Infinity Sprint
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Endless thrill-- from running, flying, to sky diving. Collect coins as you go to get a better score. Pick up mystery boxes that can help you by improving your score, and giving you shield. Mystery boxes can also make the game tougher by changing your speed, proceed with caution.

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As the ball is dropped, land on different platforms and collect coins to rack up points to meet the requirements to advance to different levels. Each level contains obstacles that you must avoid. If you successfully avoid all obstacles and meet the minimum requirements, a new level will be unlocked. As you advance you may see different types of obstacles, some that move others that do not.

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Multiplayer game with three different modes. Play a quick match or create a private lobby to play against your friends.
Maze: stuck in a maze with only one way out, be the first person to find the finish line to win.
Hotel: 2nd mode is in a hotel, the first person to find 5 disco balls wins. Disco balls are spawned randomly in the map and can be hidden inside props (you can walk through props to search), certain disco balls marked with a question mark can give you more than one disco ball or subtract disco balls.
Prison: You are stuck in a prison with one way out, a wall in the prison is broken somewhere and your mission is to be the first person to escape the prison and find the key outside.

A Daily Bible Verse
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A daily bible verse in multiple languages, current languages supported include English, Arabic, and Spanish.